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Carl Meyers
University of Michigan Regent

It's time to make the University of Michigan affordable and accessible for all Michigan students.

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Carl Meyers is a long-time advocate for an affordable college education.  He believes that the cost of higher education and the level of student debt is a national tragedy.  

Carl has over 35 years of experience in finance and investments.  He is presently a Senior Vice President of Investments for Raymond James in Dearborn, Michigan.   The primary focus of his investment practice is asset and wealth management services for foundations, endowments, institutions, high net worth families and individuals.

Carl has been recognized as one of Detroit’s top wealth and investment managers in the Hour Magazine and Detroit Business Five Star survey.   

Prior to joining Raymond James, Carl was a Managing Member and Partner in the Detroit based investment firm of Roney and Company.  He began his financial services career in 1982 at Paine Webber.

Carl is a 1979 graduate of the University of Michigan-Dearborn, School of Business where he earned a BSA.

He is active in the local community and serves on several boards and has held leadership positions.  He brings 25 years of board experience and board governance.

Appointed by the City of Dearborn Mayor, Carl presently serves as volunteer Chairman of Dearborn’s Police and Fire and General Employee’s pension boards with responsibility for administration and plan assets of over four hundred million dollars.  He has led the boards since 2008. 

Carl has served  as a Special Advisor to the Board of Member Focus Credit Union and as Secretary and Board Member from 2012-2019.

He is a past Gubernatorial appointee of on the Michigan State Police Pension Board. 

He is a three time candidate for the University of Michigan Board of Regents. 2004, 2016, 2020

In 2004 and 2016, Carl was the Republican Party nominee for the University of Michigan Board of Regents. In both general elections he received nearly 2 million votes.

Carl resides in Dearborn, Michigan with his wife Mary. They have three children and one granddaughter. Carl is a  member of The Church of the Divine Child catholic parish in Dearborn.

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Describe your qualifications and experience for the University Board and your reasons for running?

As a U of M Regent, I propose an immediate freeze in tuition for Michigan resident undergraduate students.  Michigan families are in financial crisis, trying to pay for college, especially with COVID-19. Higher education is out of reach for most without family sacrifice and crippling student debt.  My 38 years of experience in finance, investment management and board governance are an asset as U of M addresses budgetary and tuition challenges. My investment experience will assist in oversight of the University’s 12 billion-dollar-plus endowment.  Our daughters and sons should have access to a U of M Education!

Two Most Pressing Issues

What are the two most pressing issues facing this university today, and what is your position on those issues?

The greatest challenges facing U of M today are: #1 – To provide a safe education and campus experience in a COVID-19 environment and #2 – To maintain academic and institutional excellence with a constrained budget.  As public health and science permits, the entire University should return to pre-pandemic levels as soon and safely as possible. The Board must control growth of the budget for efficiency to assure continued excellence, affordability, diversity, and inclusion.  While navigating Covid-19 and budget, the Board must be more transparent.  All business should be conducted publicly, with digital access.


What recommendations would you propose to make the University more accessible to all Michigan residents?

Freezing tuition will address the greatest barrier of entry for our resident applicants.  U of M is now one of the highest priced public universities in the country. Unabashed, the Board increased tuition during the pandemic.  Year after year, the Board has raised tuition at a rate exceeding inflation, thus perpetuating the student debt crisis.  My opponents, Regents Bernstein and Digs, have failed to lead on this issue.  Admission is also a challenge to access where nearly 50% of the freshman class is admitted from out of state.  I propose a cap on the number of foreign and out-of-state students admitted.

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Detroit Free Press and Detroit News

Endorsements of Carl Meyers for the University of Michigan Board of Regents


Detroit Free Press and Detroit News

Endorsements of Carl Meyers for University of Michigan Regent.

Detroit Free Press Editorial Board Endorsement of Carl Meyers  for The University of Michigan Board of Regents, 10/22/2016

Among the candidates running for two seats on the University of Michigan Board of Regents, two stand out: Republican CARL MEYERS and Democrat LARRY DEITCH.

Deitch, a Detroit lawyer, has been on the U-M board for three terms, and has established himself as a defender of the university’s excellence, of diversity and inclusion and holding the line on student costs. He’s thoughtful about tuition increases — often voting for them to counter disinvestment at the state level, but also sometimes opposing them to preserve affordability.

Meyers, a senior vice president at an investment firm, would add important financial knowledge and experience to the board. And he’s a graduate of the university’s Dearborn campus, which gives him an important understanding of the different needs and issues that exist away from Ann Arbor.

Detroit News  Editorial Board Endorsement for The University of Michigan Board of Regents,   10/13/2016

The two Republicans on the Board of Regents could use some company, and the GOP candidates running this year are worthy of joining them. Ron Weiser of Ann Arbor has run several times for this position, and he should get it this year. The real estate developer is the former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and former Republican National Committee finance chairman. Weiser, also the former U.S. ambassador to Slovakia, cares deeply about making the university a better place for students.

Also on the GOP ticket is Carl Meyers of Dearborn, a senior vice president of investments at Raymond James in Dearborn.

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Carl Meyers


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